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Most of us love fried food, there is no denying that. Be it crispy fried chicken, potato french fries or sumptuous hot samosas, all of them make our mouth water. Bring home the Sonashi Air Fryer, to enjoy all your favorite fried dishes without drowning and deep frying them in oil.

This revolutionary cooking appliance cooks food by circulating superheated air at high speeds using a fan. The fan passes the heated air through the food constantly, ensuring it is cooked evenly. The best part is that you need to use little to no oil depending on the dish you are preparing. For people trying to cut down on oily food, this is a great way to eat healthy.

Now if you want to experiment with different types of food and recipes, the Sonashi Air Fryer can also be used for baking and grilling. Besides that, it is also safe as it cooks the food in a closed area, unlike when you use a frying pan, from which hot oil splashes are common. The fan and exhaust system help regulate the temperature. The air vented out of the air fryer is thoroughly filtered and odourless.

Digital controls / LCD display: This makes it easier to be precise. Set the right temperature and the exact time in order to get results that are delicious every time. Use the touch screen LCD screen to increase or decrease the fan speed and temperature.

Food-grade basket and pan: Made of durable teflon, the food basket and pan that comes with the Sonashi Air Fryer meet the high standards set by the LFGB for Europe and the FDA for America.

Safety: This air fryer comes with a built-in overheat protection system that shuts down the cooking appliance to ensure the safety of the user and the fryer.

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