Electric Ovens

Grilled chicken or fresh-baked cakes, our electric ovens can make a variety of recipes. Many of our ovens can cook two or more chickens at the same time, and they have rotisseries. Needless to say, almost all of these ovens have the convection function, for those who’re looking for an appliance to bake cookies, biscuits, or cakes in.

Offering a range of 20L to 91L, Sonashi’s electric ovens are made to suit any foodie’s appetite, so if you’re not living with your family, you can still enjoy all the features of a large oven in a smaller one – there’s no need to invest more unnecessarily. All the ovens have multiple heat settings so it can meet the cooking demands of practically any individual dish.

All the ovens also have an auto-off feature along with a ready indicator bell. Needless to say, they have indicator lamps and on/off switches. Let’s look at a few more features that most electric oven users would need.

  • STO-730

  • STO-731

  • 732STO-732

  • STO-734

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