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Food is best enjoyed when it is hot. But we often end up having to eat cold food almost every day due to our busy schedules. Make this a thing of the past by buying the Sonashi Food Warmer today. Enjoy all your dishes, warm and ready to be served anytime, anywhere. All you will have to do is place your food inside, plug it in and wait for a few minutes to dig into piping-hot scrumptious food.

Gone are the days when you get home from work to find cold food in the refrigerator. Food warmers are just what you need. No more struggling with gas stoves and no more waiting for the microwave to reheat the food. With Sonashi Food Warmers you can keep your dinner warm and ready to eat. The easy-to-clean pans in this food warmer are stain resistant and durable.

This food warmer follows strict safety and quality standards. Food warmers are very easy to use and provide a quick solution to making your afternoon lunches and evening snacks more enjoyable. This food warmer comes with a temperature knob to set the right temperature.

Temperature Control: Sonashi Food Warmers let you set the temperature so that the food doesn’t get overcooked or too hot when it is time to serve.

Capacity: Choose a food warmer based on the quantity of food you need to keep warm. You can also choose the larger model in case you have more than 2 dishes to keep warm.

Stainless Steel: The body and bowls are made of stainless steel which is durable and very easy to clean. The integrated Cool Touch Handles let you open the food warmer safely to serve food.

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