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Needless to say, a hand blender is an invaluable kitchen tool. It’s versatility is only matched by it’s ease of use. Is it worth investing in a hand blender? They’re relatively inexpensive, fast, compact, lightweight and they’re easy to clean. As far as their versatility goes, making salsa, pesto, pancake/waffle batter, smoothies or even soups is way easier with a blender.

Using just a blender, it’s easy to make delicious and healthy recipes such as a banana-berry bowl or smoothie for breakfast. Blend a healthy smoothie using frozen bananas, strawberries, raspberries along with some acai powder or juice for added antioxidant goodness. You could also try some black grapes for a change, or to add a zesty tang to this recipe. This mix can be consumed as a smoothie or used as a base for a bowl topped with raw, sliced strawberries, bananas and muesli (or oats, if you prefer). Who would have thought eating healthy could be so easy, tasty and enjoyable?

Sonashi has a range of blenders that cater to these recipes and much more. They all have speed controls and a few are even dishwasher proof, making cleaning up even more convenient. All of these appliances have detachable shafts so they’re easy to clean. Every blender also comes with a jar. There are a few other features that make these blenders stand out.

  • Sonashi Hand Blender SHB 154JSHB-154J

  • SHB-166

  • SHB-169JBC

  • SHB-179JBCW

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  • SHB-182

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