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Chocolate-mint squares, cupcakes, banana bread, rice cakes or cookies – many recipes need a lot of ingredients to be mixed thoroughly and who has the time to do this manually, by hand? Sonashi brings you a range of hand mixers that can transform your kitchen. Birthdays will never be the same again, and anniversaries will feel more special when you exhibit your gorgeous culinary creations for your loved ones to feast on.

Mixing dough has never been easier – even for biscuits. Use the hand mixer to beat the batter mix for about a minute until the dough is soft and then sprinkle a few choco chips into it. Turn it out onto a work surface and roll it to a reasonable thickness. You can even use a mould tray to make things easier and put the tray or baking sheet into the oven for up to 10 minutes. The result? Golden-brown, mouth-watering cookies.

Beating eggs is also straightforward – you won’t even break a sweat. These hand mixers have two beaters for eggs and cream and two hooks to knead dough. If you’re going to use this appliance often, invest in a model with a steel housing. They last far longer than their lighter, plastic counterparts. Or, to make things even more convenient, get one with a mixing bowl.

Reduce the time spent on making these delicious recipes and spend more time eating them instead.

Turbo switch: A hand mixer is meant to make things faster and easier for you in the kitchen. Why not kick it up a notch? Get one that has the turbo function. Break and mix even the toughest ingredients within seconds.

Multi-speed setting: Set to low to quickly whisk eggs or to high to knead dough thoroughly; a multi-speed dial is a must-have feature for this appliance.

Eject button: Nobody likes making a mess in the kitchen. It’s only going to make things harder while cleaning up later. That’s why our mixers have eject buttons to smoothen the transition – when you’re done using the appliance, press the eject button to remove the beaters or hooks safely.

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