Infrared Cookers

Modern cooking techniques have provided us with many healthy ways to prepare our food. Sonashi Infrared Cookers let you cook food with very little oil, while at the same time maintaining the deliciousness of the dish. It doesn’t matter what you want to do – boil, deep fry or hot pot, infrared cookers are equipped to help you cook healthy meals every day.

An infrared cooker functions just like a normal stove would except the source of heat is electrically generated infrared waves. Unlike gas stoves which do not concentrate the heat well, infrared cookers distribute the heat evenly. Infrared cookers can also maintain a constant temperature for a prolonged period.

Sonashi Infrared Cookers are designed to be compact and portable. They are perfect for kitchens with limited counter top space. In fact, you can plug it in anywhere as long as there is a power socket. As it takes very little time to heat up, the cooking process is quicker and more energy efficient than cooking on a gas stove. Buy Sonashi Infrared Cookers online and start living a healthy lifestyle.

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