Juice Extractors

The juice extractor from Sonashi has two variable speeds and a 1.8 L large pulp container, to make it easy to extract juice from whole fruits. Make juices and smoothies in seconds with this convenient appliance, so there’s room in the day for outdoor exercise, meeting friends, adding some flexibility training to your routine or relaxing with a good book.

The best body cleansing methods usually start by addressing diet. This isn’t to say that cleansing requires you to go on a diet, but usually it does require choosing natural food sources over processed ones. There are many juices and smoothies that are nutritious and wholesome so we can enjoy all the goodness of fruits and grains and get just the right type of nourishment that the body needs, without the burden of elaborate recipes and hours of cooking that typical recipes need. Try an energizing drink – a whole lime with mint herb leaves, add a few cubes of ice to the mix and juice it all for a soothing mint-lime concoction. Add a spoon of organic honey to make things tastier. Alternatively, you could also use an orange instead of lime, adding an immunity boost to the mix.

Juices, smoothies and mixed bowls of fruit and grain can meet even a demanding day’s nutrient requirements and power juicers only make easier to get access to wholesome nutrition. Let’s look at a few features that make these appliances worthwhile.

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