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A juicer-blender is special – it’s treasured most by the health-conscious. Many vegans may swear by their breakfast shakes that can only be made perfect using a juicer-blender that’s made specifically for the task. Of course, vegans aren’t the only ones who will find juicer-blenders useful. Anybody looking for a versatile appliance would find a spot for this machine in their kitchen, as it’s can make a wide range of recipes easy – fresh hummus, accompaniments, finely diced nuts to garnish a dessert or nutritious smoothies.

Needless to say, a juicer-blender has the same advantage of a juicer as it also separates the fiber and pulp for fresh, clear juice that’s perfect for a detox day. This is also a simple way to keep the entire family healthy. Stock up on fruits and make a fresh juice every time one of your kids craves a soda. Juices are one of the simplest ways to get a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals. Feeling sluggish or bloated? We all have our off days. Try this cleansing, detoxing mix that’ll also energize the body with a healthy dose of iron (which is vital for blood and muscle functioning) – blend a cup of sliced kale, a cup of seedless green grapes, a few thick slices of cucumber and a few chunks of green apple. This green concoction will keep you going for hours.

The easy-to-use juicer-blender made by Sonashi is protected against overheating. It also has a set of food-grade accessories of different capacities that are safe to use for a wide range of ingredients.

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