Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning? The easiest way to get a steaming cup ready is to simply turn on the kettle before you do anything else. The Sonashi Electric Kettle is designed to heat water quickly, efficiently and safely. They are also ideal for people who do not have access to a stove, but still need to prepare hot beverages. You can also make delicious soups in a cup. It is also great when you have guests over and you need to prepare a few cups of coffee or tea in a hurry.

The Sonashi Kettle is designed to be safe more than anything else. From the concealed heating element to the safety lid and the boil-dry protection system, everything is designed to prevent accidents. The cordless design of the top part of the kettle is designed for added convenience so you can pour the hot water easily without any restrictions. We have also made it easier to see the level of the water inside the kettle for added convenience. They also come with cord storage options which makes it less of a hassle when you need to put it away.

Concealed Heating Element: The concealed nature of the heating element prevents anyone from touching it directly and getting hurt accidentally. Despite its hidden design it heats water quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Shutdown: The Sonashi Kettle turns itself off once the boiling cycle is done and the desired temperature reached. This prevents the boiling water from evaporating further and damaging the kettle.

Water Level Indicator: Some models let you see how much water is inside the kettle without having to open the lid.

Scale Filter: If you live in an area that is supplied with hard water, a scale filter or mesh will prevent any limescale from falling into your cup.

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