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Mince meat is a tasty and easy way to consume any type of meat that you fancy. Make delicious dishes that your family loves such as lasagna, meatballs and spaghetti, burgers and cutlets right at home. Get a Sonashi Meat Grinder home and start making healthy and sumptuous burgers at home for your kids, instead of buying store-bought unhealthy ones. If you and your family love to eat meat, then a meat grinder is a must-have kitchen appliance for your home. Meat grinders are typically used for mincing raw or cooked meat, fish or vegetables.

This meat mincer is just the thing you need to sort out all your mincing tasks with ease. The Sonashi Meat Grinder features a large metal hopper to make feeding the meat into the grinder easy. The motor is very powerful and can grind through any type of meat quickly to give the desired results. If the meat gets stuck in the meat grinder you can activate the reverse function to get the meat moving again. We use super-sharp cutting blades to ensure the meat is properly ground to small bits.

This state-of-the-art meat grinder adheres to strict quality and safety standards that guarantee flawless performance and a long life. Say bye-bye to the tiring process of manually mincing your veggies and meats. Get this meat grinder today and start preparing all your favourite dishes right at home.

Powerful Motor: Sonashi Meat Grinders come with a powerful motor that will mince meat efficiently to get the right texture without consuming too much power.

Blades: The stainless steel blades used are very sharp and slice through meat like butter. The blades are also easy to clean after mincing as nothing sticks to the blade.

Kubbe Attachment: If Kubbe is one of your favourite Middle Eastern dishes, then you are in luck. This meat grinder comes with an attachment to help you prepare this dish easily.

Large Capacity Metal Hopper: The metal hopper acts as a feeder to this kitchen appliance. You can also pile the meat up in the hopper to make it easy and less time consuming to feed the machine.

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