Microwave Ovens

Cut down on the time it takes to prepare delicious, nutritious and healthy food at home with Sonashi Microwave Ovens. Why labour over a hot stove when you can prepare equally tasty food with less oil, in less time. And the best part is that you have several cooking options that will make using this kitchen appliance a breeze.

Sonashi Microwave Ovens are fast and efficient, and can perform a variety of functions such as cooking, defrosting, and grilling to name a few. Cooking in a microwave is also very safe, especially if you have children running around. The timer will let you know, when the dish is done. Reheating food is also a breeze in a microwave. What’s more, the microwave is much more easier to clean. To save time, instead of heating food separately on the stove, you can load and reheat everything you want on one plate in a matter of a few minutes. And you don’t have to worry about overcooking or burning the dish, in case you forget about it for a bit.

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