Popcorn Makers

Nothing goes with movie night better than popcorn. The nostalgia associated with popcorn is almost as old as the tradition of visiting theaters on opening night, owing to its distinct, delicious aroma. As an all-time favorite snack, popcorn is also relatively healthy, making the salted kernels a tasty treat for the entire family. To make things convenient and keep the focus on home entertainment, Sonashi has an exclusive popcorn maker that brings the universally popular snack home.

The popcorn maker has a plastic housing, making it safe for use. It makes popcorn fast and it’s power efficient, consuming less electricity than conventional popcorn makers. The machine is also thorough – popping almost all the kernels loaded into the batch. As it works with hot air rather than oil, the popcorn made is healthy. This makes it a great snack for those who are calorie conscious. Make a large batch of popcorn for your friends over a sports event so you have snacks no matter how long the game goes on for. Better still, make family movie nights much more fun and meaningful with bowls of buttered popcorn.

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