Sandwich Makers

Sandwiches are an all-time favourite dish as it is easy to prepare, its very tasty and you don’t mess you hands up while eating it. The humble sandwich is considered the king of convenience food as they are nutritious, can be made of a variety of ingredients, are absolutely sumptuous and can be prepared and served for any event. The Sonashi Sandwich Maker helps you make delectable sandwiches quickly and efficiently. Try out different recipes you find online or create your own signature sandwich to show off to your friends on Instagram.

The Sonashi sandwich maker is a wonderful kitchen appliance to have, especially if you have hungry friends over all the time. These compact devices are ideal for kitchens with less counter space. The indicator lights will let you know when the sandwich maker is hot and ready to toast. Since the heat is applied from all directions uniformly, the sandwiches are toasted evenly. The sandwich maker is also considered to be healthier as you use little or no oil while cooking.

Cool Touch Body: Sonashi Sandwich Makers are designed to be safe, with an outer Cool Touch Body that will prevent accidental burns. Even the handles stay cool to touch making it easy to open and check on the progress.

Non-Stick Grill Plate: Food sticking to the cooking appliance is very annoying. With non-stick grill plates, you don’t have to worry about a sticky burnt mess. This feature also makes it significantly easier to clean.

Overheat Protection: This feature protects the appliance by turning it off in case it gets too hot.

Handle Lock: Latch the lock on the handle of this portable device to ensure the sandwich is held in place while being toasted.

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